motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet means headdress or head gear which protects our head during the various accident and saves our life. A motorcycle helmet is one of them. Basically, the helmet is used during riding or long journey. It protects from serious injury of head organs. Self-safety and the safe journey is achieved by using a helmet. Today helmet use is compulsory and made a law. But our people did not follow the rule and law this reason almost some face accident and they lost valuable life.

By using helmets, we can reduce our casualty, head injuries and save our life from the various accident. The helmet uses not only a good job but it safe our important life in the world. So, using a helmet is a basic need for motorcycle rider of all ages.

Some of the helmets provide an extra facility such as ventilation, face & ear protection etc.

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Short History of Motorcycle Helmet

From the beginning of the world human being are used their items after facing trouble. The origin of a motorcycle helmet is invented in the racetrack of Brookland race truck in 1914. A medical officer Dr. Eric Gardner noticed a motorcyclist with head injuries about two weeks.

Helmet History
Figure: Helmet History
Mr. Moss of Bethnal Green makes a head canvas and shellac helmets strong enough. It stands a heavy blow, comfort enough and protections from anything encountered. He makes a design for the Auto -the Cycle Union. Primarily, it was condemned, but later diverts and make it compulsory for the 1914 Isle Man TT races.
T.E Lawrence (Also known as Lawrence of Arabia) faced a crush on the narrow road called Brough superior SS100 beside his house in May 1935.

There was a dip in the road. He did not watch the dip. At the time, two boys came to the opposite side on a bicycle. He tried to avoid them. The Boys also tried to escape. But Lawrence lost control. He put down on the handle bar. He was without a helmet. For this, he suffered a serious head injury.
It was so acute. Doctor checkup him. That injury sent him at coma. He had to stay in the hospital more than 6 months. But his physical condition was not improving. He felt very in comfort. But he had to run a long day. Doctor and he tried hard to improve. But the injury was too high.

Finally, he died in the hospital after 6 months. A doctor always attending him. He takes care him in time. After a long treatment, the doctor found a disease. The disease was high chains. Neurosurgeons treat meant him. After Lawrence death, the neurosurgeon began a long study about it. He felt why people lost life in a motorcycle accident.

He thought the rider should wear something in the head. Which protects them from head injuries. His thought makes him do. He felt men will save from the accident. He named the items ‘Helmet’. Which is to use in head.
Finally, he made a law to use of helmets. Helmet use is now common for all riders. All have to use it. He made a law for using a helmet. The law is also for military and civilians. That law makes our life protect from various road accidents. For our better and save journey helmet use is a must.

Know Various Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Basically, there are five types of motorcycle helmets. These are used by the motorcycling. All the helmets are secured by its chin strap. Rider has to attach the strap with the chin. For better protection strap should fasten. If the chin strap does not fit then it protection may be reduced. Categories, most protectiveness, manufacturers and riders choose, the helmet types are as bellows:

  • Full Face Helmet
  • Open Face Helmet
  • Half Helmet
  • Off-Road Helmet
  • Kids Helmet
  • Women Helmet
  • Vintage Helmet
  • Custom Helmet
  • Bluetooth Helmet
  • Modular Helmet

Full Face Helmet

Explore the Full Face Helmet details reasonably.

full face helmet
Figure: Full Face Helmet

A full face helmet generally covers the full head. It has a rear cover over the neck. The rear cover protects skull. Full face helmet has a protective section to the front side of the chin. This type of helmet has an open outer face. The nose and eyes are relaxed for breathing and watching through the cutout part.
Sometimes a cleared or tinted face shield made of transparent plastic is included the front face. It is known as a visor, it has a clip to move the face glass, up and down. It has also suitable to access the face inside the helmet.

Off Road-Motocross Helmet

Explore the Off Road-Motocross Helmet details reasonably.

off road helmet
Figure: Off Road Helmet

In all the type of helmet, motocross or off-road helmet is one of them. It is clearly extended chin and front visor portion. It has a chin bar and half open face to support the cyclist extra protection during wearing goggles.Motocross helmet allowed the rider to access his or her head to give them extra protection from flying rubbish when off road riding. Not only it keeps the eyes protect from the sun but also protect the whole face and head from the accident. Today off-road helmet provides a chin bar and some facial impact to protect flying dirt and rubbish.There are three best motocross helmets present in the market, which mentioned bellow:

Modular Helmet

Explore the Modular Helmet details broadly.

Modular Helmet
Figure: Modular Helmet

A Modular or “flip-up” helmet consist of the full face as well as open face helmet. The most attraction of modular helmet is assembled construction. It is opened and closed all face helmet which bearing an upward chin bar. It is very easy to open the face and allow to access the head normally. It is suitable for hearing, watching, eating and speaking without removing the chin strap. It is also popular those who use extra eyeglasses inside the helmet. Three best Modular helmet is on the bellow:

Open Face Helmet

Know everything about the Open Face Helmet.

Open Face Helmet
Figure: Open Face Helmet

The open face helmet is another type of helmet. It is also called “three quarters” helmet. Basically, it is covering the back of the head, ears and cheek. But it has a little lake to the lower chin bar. An open face helmet may be used for the rider to maintain little sunlight glare. It is providing the same protection on the rear side. But it has given less protection to the face during non-crash moments. The rider may feel discomfort or injury for the cause of bugs, dust, the wind and the huge sunlight to the face and eyes. In some U.S states, it makes a low for the rider to wear full wrap-around goggles or sunglasses to support eye protection. Alternatively, the many open face helmet can be fitted or include a face shield. The face shield is more effective to control flying insect inside the helmet. Three best open face helmet is given bellow:

Half Helmet

Know everything about the Half Helmet.

Half Helmet
Figure: Half Helmet

The short or half helmet is used in the USA and TT helmet or pudding basin in the UK. It is popular to the road racers and Rockers in the British Isles from 1960. It has the same deign in front side as an open face helmet. But it has a lower bowl in the rear. This helmet provides the least coverage. It is allowed to make rules and law in the United States and British values 2001:1956. The following are the best four half helmets from different elite models:

Most Popular Motorcycle Helmet Brands

There are many motorcycle helmet brand in the world. They are popular for their quality, manufacture, models and various styles.
Some company built up the place with their best quality product. They provide good quality and styles helmet.

Some of them are given below:

SHOEI Helmet

Know everything about the SHOEI Helmet.

Shoei Helmet
Figure: Shoei Helmet

Shoei is a brand helmet company established in 1959 in the capital of japan. They are made of high configuration premium style of helmet. They are called the reformer in the helmet brand sector. Shoei was made the 1st carbon fiber helmet in 1976. They had used 1st Kevlar( it’s just a fancy term for high strength material) in helmet’s construction. It is not a large company it is a small property company. But they make some product of the high quality of the helmet. They are popular all over the world due to their good quality in the motor helmet.

Shoei did not disappoint the customer about their product. They also make sure a high satisfaction and loyal in their brand like ‘Apple’ mobile phone company.

It is truly speaking that their manufacture not only safe but it is too comfort in use. The most advanced fact shoei provide 5-years warranty in their almost all buying products. There are best three shoei helmet i.e

HJC Helmet

Know everything about the HJC Helmet.

HJC Helmet
Figure: HJC Helmet

HJC is an exclusive helmets brand. It business since 1971. In North America is has been the #1 brand since 1992. It is also popular in many countries. It provides the buyer comfortable, stylish, quality, and cheap helmet. It is available mid-range to high rate price. So all can buy it.HJC makes helmet as comfort as safe. Such as noise, ventilation, aerodynamics and different features. Their technology and testing system is improving constantly. So the rider more safe in the street.Best three HJC helmet is mentioned below by its quality and customers review:

Bell Helmet

Know everything about the Bell Helmet.

Bell Helmet
Figure: Bell Helmet

Bell helmet is known as the design of helmet. It is manufactured by bell motor company. Bell is the modernizer of the helmet. Bell not only provides good design but it makes the helmet comfort and stylish. They are an expert for good design. In 1971, bell designed the 1st full face helmet. Bell helmet is functional and styles. They make different types of helmet. Full face, half, snowmobile, ¾ helmet are made by Bell. International top racers Josh Herrin & James Stewart worn bell helmet.

Bell helmets extremely comfort, beautifully designed and also attractive. It offers good ventilation system, lightweight and easy to wear. Bell also popular for bicycle helmet besides the motor helmet. The most popular Rough half helmet is made by Bell. Following are the best Bell helmet:

ARAI Helmet

Know everything about the ARAI Helmet.

Arai Helmet
Figure: Arai Helmet

Arai is an old Japanese motor helmet company. They started journey in 1926. Aria constructs some best popular helmet all over the world. The main object of the helmet, that Arai helmet is handmade. They are verified at all step of construction. Each helmet is verified separately. First it makes the helmet casing, then it painted and finally assembled. It is very comfort and ventilation system like another helmet. But the main side for Arai helmet is their making function.

Aria Ratings by the Snell memorial foundation. Many remarks full MotoGP racers like Dani Pedrosa & Nickey Hyden use the helmet. These are the best Arai helmet is showing below:

Nolan Helmet

Know everything about the Nolan Helmet.

Nolan Helmet
Figure: Nolan Helmet

Another awesome helmet builder company is named Nolan. It is an Italian company that established in 1973. Nolan provides some of the best safest helmets in the world. It also provides DOT & standard helmet. Nolan helmet is too looks and feels. It not only premium but it is also least price range to the customers.
Nolan Helmet Company offers five year warranty and all Tom communication product offered with two- year’s warranty.

Macro mrlandri & Casey Stoner motorcycle racers have used the Nolan helmet in their career. It is also used by the well-known motorcycle racer like Ricardo.T.
Some best Nolan helmets are given below:

Shark Helmet

Explore everything about the Shark Helmet.

Shark Helmet
Figure: Shark Helmet

SHARK is a popular helmet company established in 1986 in France. They are the leading innovator in the helmet company. The company was built up by the professional motor racers. Some of them are: Olivier Jacque, Raymond Roche, Olivier Panis, Randy de Puniet, Carl Fogarty, Troy Corser, Scott Reading, Cyril Despres, Pol Espargaro and many more. The company is well known for their technology and stylish design. They offered a good part to all type of motor cyclist for their need. Shark provides good safety and performance.

Each year more than 350,000 helmets marketing by Shark Company. In the world there are 5,000 outlets sales network. Most of the shark helmets brand offer 5 years warranty. Some following are the best SHARK helmet in present market:

AGV Helmet

Explore everything about the AGV Helmet.

AGV Helmet
Figure: AGV Helmet

AGV is an Italian brand established in 1947 by Gino Amisano. Giacomo Agostini & Valentino Rossi are The World Champions motorcyclist. They are related with AGV brand helmet throughout their career. AGV provides high- quality of helmet in the world. It is called the pioneer in the motorcycle helmet world. They make premium quality helmet with cheap price. AGV is certified by the DOT safety standard certification in US network. It is also carry the ECE safety certification in European standard. There are some best AGV brand helmet is following below:

Benefits of using Helmet

“Safe journey make our life safe all the way”. The speech is also important for motorcycle riding. So the rider can escape from serious head injury and terrible accident. The head is a vital organ in human body. It can be protected by using suitable headdress which is called ‘helmet’.

There are uncountable benefits of using a helmet. Some of the main important advantages of using helmet is mentioned bellow:

  1. Prevent Traffic/Road accident:
  2. A traffic accident is a common problem in the world. Most of the people are facing great head injurious for increasing accident. A traffic accident can be reduced by wearing a helmet.

  3. Avoiding Fatal Head Injuries:
  4. As per the state of “American Family Physician”- Fatalities and long term disability caused by head injury. The head is the most vital part of the body. Crazy and abnormality can be caused by serious head injury. The wearing helmet helps to avoid fatal or serious head injury. Protection of head organ helmet use is very important.

  5. Keeping Eyes Secure:
  6. Wearing helmet protect our eyes from dust and highlight from others. On the motion of riding we cannot clean our eyes .so helmet using is useful for eyes.

  7. Wind and Dust Protection:
  8. Sometimes dirt and the wind even flying debris, small rocks can wound the head skull. By wearing helmets, it may be protected perfectly.

  9. Visibility:
  10. Our road has numerous hazard. Very often a driver cannot see the other vehicle clearly. Especially in early morning or evening it occurs accident. A helmet with good reflective strip can help the rider more visible during riding on that time.

  11. Weather Protection:
  12. We cannot know about the sudden unpredictable weather. The helmet can save you from such moment. We can protect the middle storm, heavy sunlight, rain, and hail by wearing a helmet before riding. Some of the helmet company provide sell winter helmet which helps to keep the head warm in very cold temperature.

  13. To make a habit:
  14. Children are thought of the adult one. Very often we found the children passenger behind the rider in the motorcycle. Adult especially the parents should be aware of using the helmet as well as their kids. It can be the great example for the kids. Because kids are learned by watching.

  15. Maintain laws and rules:
  16. In the present world, helmet uses to become a strict law. Use of helmet can prove you as a oblige citizen in your country. Those who do not use it they are found by the police in many places. It wastes your money and time also. Helmet use is must be a responsible citizen in the world.

    Finally, it is true that “the life of everyone is more valuable than anything in the world.” The benefit of using a helmet does not only maintain the law but it makes a good habit and save our valuable life from a various terrible accident in daily life. It also helps our new generation to move on into a good, safe and responsible way of life.

    Bottom Expression

    Finally, would like to say about motorcycle helmets, the best motorcycle helmet is our real friend for everyday motor riding. To protect our valuable life, we should not show our carelessness to wear it. We have tried to provide the basic conceptions about motorcycle hats. If you have strong feeling to know in depth in every category, please visit the above-mentioned link.

    We wish your safety riding on a motorcycle every day!