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Cologne has a specific origin in Germany. It was created in cologne, in 1709. It is the first modern perfume. Cologne is not only an anti-odor but also an essential item of modern gentle society. It helps to clear off the smell of sweat, increasing attractiveness and confidence to opposite sex. In addition, cologne is a symbol of aristocracy. As a gift for closer and other, cologne is a more practical and most economical option. You will acquire a broad and wonderful ideas about best smelling cologne, most expensive cologne, cheap cologne here.

Cologne is thousands of years of old, evidence of the first cologne dating back to ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Cyprus. If we look towards the past history around the world, the ancient Egyptians were the first to include cologne into their society, followed by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Arabs and Hindus.

A man named Gian Paolo was the first listed cologne maker. He launched at his invention in 1709. But at the same time, cologne was also found in India. The Romans and Arabs refined the skill of perfumery and perfumes.

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Short History of Cologne

Cologne is thousands years of old, evidence of the first cologne dating back to ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Cyprus. The ancient Egyptian were added cologne first into their culture, followed by the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Arabs and Hindus. A man named Gian Paolo was the first listed cologne maker. Gian Paolo appeared cologne in the year of 1709. But at that time cologne also become well known subject in India. The Romans and Arabs refined the skill of perfumery and perfumes.

Cologne and perfume have a different history. Cologne has a specific origin in Germany. It was created in cologne city, in 1709. Blending a number of fragrances based on alcohol are called cologne. In lieu of a single spicy and floral smell, the first cologne was a harmony of fragrance. On the other hand, perfume is an antique concept. From many years, it used to enchant mind and noses.

Cologne vs Perfume

Most of the people’s ideology is that, cologne for man and perfume for women. Somebody thought there is no difference between cologne and perfume. Actually, there are some differences between cologne and perfume, they are given below:

cologne vs perfume
Figure: cologne vs perfume

Preparation of cologne and perfume: Fragrance oil is the basic material of cologne and perfume. This aromatic oil is retrieved in different ways. A single ounce of rose oil collects from 200 to 300 pounds of the flower. Perfumers can prepare Synthetic fragrances that are chemically similar to natural fragrance but these oils are so expensive to produce. Perfume oils are converting a different character when two or three are mixed-up and diluted with alcohol and water. Most of the cologne and perfume are alcohol based. It helps the perfume oils to meld into a special new fragrance and also assist fragrance in diffusing extensively. You will get in cologne 3 to 4 percents fragrance oils, on the other hand, a perfume contains 20 to 30 percents.

When to apply cologne: Colognes become unique for their lightness. It is most suitable in office, long car trip, aircraft cabin. Cologne also fit well into dinner party because they take a secondary role to the savory fragrance of the food.

When to apply perfume: Perfumes are potent, composite and costly. A high-quality perfume can diffuse for a kilometer or more around the applier. Perfumes are not only for office but also wearable in party, nightclub, ritual functions’ and on a date.

Durability: The alcohol of cologne or perfume abolished with air very quickly and leaves the fragrance oil on the skin. More oil gives more fragrance. Since, a perfume contain more oils, therefore, it will long-lasting than a cologne.

Costing: Alcohol is not costly element but the fragrance oil who gives smell is the expensive materials. Perfume contains more fragrance oil than colognes. So that reason, perfumes are more expensive than cologne.

Types of Cologne

We can see distinctive sorts of cologne are accessible in the fragrance shop and market today. The significant contrast between these sorts of cologne is the fixings utilized as a part of making them. Along these lines, a sort of cologne might be accessible under various brands name or might be created by various design houses. The following are the different sorts of cologne that you ought to know:

  • Citrus
  • Aquatic
  • Floral
  • Gourmand
  • Fresh
  • Woody
  • Musk
best cologne for men
Different Types of cologne

Citrus: This type of cologne for men is prepared from the extract of citrus fruits like pineapple, tangerine, lime, orange, lemon, mandarin, bergamot, and lime. The major characteristics of this type of Cologne are their light, crisp and energizing nature. The fragrance of this type of cologne is sharp and tangy but reasonably faint to suit the personality of a man. Citrus cologne has a sharp and sweet fragrance for what; this type is known as a mood enhancer. It is normally used in the warmer season, which means, it is perfect in the spring and summer months. At first, bergamot used to prepare citrus cologne in 1714.

Aquatic: Aquatic cologne is also known as marine and oceanic fragrance, it is like the ocean in a bottle. Its light and refreshing smell gives you outdoor and natural feelings. Its cool and fresh natural fragrance makes energetic and sporty mood. Aquatic colognes are a blend of fruity and floral elements. It is suitable for the modern men. This type of cologne is particularly well suited for the summer season. It’s very long lasting, classic and elegant cologne. This is an appropriate cologne for a day out in the sun but also acceptable in the offices. It is also standard in the special occasions.

Floral: As implicit from the name, colognes that belong to these types are obtained from flowers such as roses, carnations, gardenia, lilies, and others. There are floral colognes that combined floral elements with spicy and fruity elements. Women normally buy floral cologne for their men in order to spring up romantic thought in their men. The Floral colognes consists of the best-smelling elements like feminine, romantic and smooth smell. If you want to order this type of perfume for your man, you may suppose to pick a type that is blended with spicy elements so that the scent might not be too feminine or strong, otherwise, your man would feel ashamed to use it.

Gourmand: This type of cologne has a food flavor such as strawberry, coffee, almond, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, whisky, cigarettes and other types of flavors. This may also considered food like fragrance. The food-loving men will prefer Gourmand. It’s a very old concept; gourmand fragrance has been using by food lover since 1956 as per the information of Wikipedia.

Fresh: Fresh fragrance concept was discovered first in 1966.The category of fresh cologne is relatively new member of fragrance family. This class of cologne contains fresh natural green smell like grass, leave and flower. It is appropriate for those men who are really a nature lover. These types of cologne give you natural flavor. It is suitable for ritual occasions.

Woody: These types of cologne containing woody smell are very popular to men. This type of cologne gives smell like nature, hard work, adventure, dry, oak moss and tobacco, which give a man like the smell. It is outdoorsy cologne. Woody cologne is very suitable for office or a date night. It is prepared from mossy wood and dry wood. Agarwood, cedar wood, sandalwood, masculine wood, amber wood, papyrus, and cypress wood are the raw materials of woody cologne. Normally woody cologne gives you a mysterious feeling. Its warm and dry scent will give you an earthy mood. Woody cologne is used mostly in the fall or in winter months.

Musk: If you are looking for a girl or like to pick one of them from a bar or a nightclub, you should apply musk cologne. In a hot date or in bed, with your girl, there is no alternative smell to musk cologne. This fragrance prepared from musk oil, which is known as sexual attraction. It contains a very sexy smell. This type of cologne helps you to attract the adult girls. That’s why musk cologne is very popular to adult men.

Best cologne Vs ordinary cologne

Recent era markets are enriched by a different kind of cologne. However, all of them are not quality full. There is some general difference are noted between best and ordinary cologne, they are described below. If you want to save your money and valuable time, you may follow our explanation, please.

  1. The Outlook and finishing of best cologne are better than ordinary cologne.
  2. Good cologne contains a beautiful smell. On the other hand, simple cologne gets not this type of fragrance.
  3. Its fragrance last long time with you but bellow category cologne has no quality like this.
  4. Best cologne is so much comfortable than other.
  5. Normally the best cologne is a little expensive than others, but quality full.
  6. Standard cologne is not harmful but, ordinary cologne may be injurious to your health and skin.
  7. Best cologne expresses you as a smart and attractive person to opposite sex. On the other hand, a below category cologne destroy your personality.
  8. The best cologne can bring a dramatic mood but, simple cologne has no quality like this.
  9. You can use the best cologne in a party or office.
  10. It contains latest and updated features.
  11. Low-quality colognes have a bad odor that irritated others.

Best Cologne’s List for 2016

Explore the Best Cologne in general details here.

Best cologne for men
Figure: Best Cologne for men

Best cologne is an important subject for a smart gentleman. Best cologne contains a great smell and it helps to notify as a unique person to others. Its excellent fragrance expresses you as a brilliant boss or as a smart employee, in the office or in a working place. On a romantic date, the best cologne assists to become a most romantic man to women. The great fragrances of best cologne always hide the bad smell of human body. Best cologne have healthful features, it is more friendly with men’s skin and not so overpowering. Best cologne offering a lot of good advantage with affordable costing. So be with best cologne and be safe healthy with smart turnout.

Most Expensive Colognes

Explore the Most Expensive Colognes details wisely.

most expensive cologne
Figure: Most Expensive Cologne

The most costly ones have a place with diverse huge brands of the world. For the most part, guys love colognes and spend a large portion of their cash on buying them. It is asserted by numerous individuals that ladies are constantly pulled in towards guys in light of their great colognes. It is on the grounds that science guarantees that it is the odor which pulls in one towards other. We all realize that practically of male sweat more than ladies, so they require it more. In this article, we will particularly examine about most costly main ten colognes at men with their costs too. The accompanying is main ten most costly colognes for men on the planet:

Best Smelling Cologne

Explore the Best Smelling Cologne details wisely.

best smelling cologne
Figure: Best Smelling Cologne

The best smelling cologne is the most popular items to the young generation, especially to the new couple. To show the guy smart enough himself to others friends circle, it is essential to home items to every intelligent guy. he Sweet, fiery, easygoing, every one of the colognes smell awesome to specific individuals, yet picking an immaculate one in view of the odor is troublesome. Retail chain aroma counters are overwhelmed with a sprawling cluster of fragrances for ladies and young ladies.

Cheap Cologne

Explore the Cheap Cologne details here.

cheap cologne
Figure: Cheap Cologne

“Cheap” is a relative word and what may be a shabby cologne to one individual, may not be to another. For our reasons, great shabby cologne will be found in the $25.00 or less cost range. The Cheap items found the guys for different causes. Once I ask my friend about the secret of the cheap cologne. He said me that the people who think and want to pass the occasions or any events smartly and he need to use cologne. So he not needs to use most expensive items there. But some people are habituated to use cheap cologne. See our most and outstanding cheap cologne for 2016.

Most Popular Brands of Cologne

Most popular Brands of Cologne: Welcome to’s gathering of our most prevalent brands of cologne for men. These are loads of our most prominent brands of cologne, aromas, and fragrance for men. Think about this rundown as our curate accumulation.

It’s a restrictive variety of that specific cologne that stands the test of time and keeps on blowing some people’s minds the world over. The absolute best cologne for you may be musky or new, advanced or intense, yet one thing is verging on certain you can discover it some place in this accumulation.

Diesel cologne

Explore the Diesel cologne here.

diesel cologne
Figure: Diesel Cologne

Renzo Rosso established Diesel in 1978. Diesel Cologne by Diesel, This unique great fragrance was presented in 1996 by diesel. Diesel cologne offers refined, oriental, fragrance of woody. This manly aroma has a mix of pepper, mandarin, lemon, ginger, clove and musk.

Versace cologne

Explore the Versace cologne details fairly.

Versace cologne
Figure: Versace cologne

Versace is an Italian style outline house established by the late Gianni Versace. This cologne was made in 2006. Versace cologne for men committed to the cutting edge man with charm and self-assurance. The man, whose quality is in his spirit. Versace cologne offers woody, lemon, bergamot, rosewood, and ascended smell with golden, musk and saffron.

Nautica cologne

Explore the Nautica cologne details gently.

Nautica cologne
Figure: Nautica cologne

Nautica cologne: Prepared by the famous cologne industry Nautica, Nautica Classic offers a man like blend of waters, natural and blamy woods. Nautica available at market in 3.4 ounce bottle. Favored by representatives and those needing to make an enduring impression, Nautica men’s cologne has been a worldwide image of progress and style subsequent to 1992. Go to the following level and snatch a jug of Nautica today. This cologne is ideal for the outdoorsy, athletic, daring man. The aroma keeps going between one to five hours.

1 Million

Explore the 1 Million Cologne details evenly.

1 Million cologne
Figure: 1 Million cologne

1 million remained as a point of reference for the organization as it was an awesome hit, on the grounds that the cologne is truly exquisite. It’s cool, dim and sole scent will make you emerge from the horde of individuals. It’s an awesome decision for men, at gathering time. I wager young ladies going to kick the bucket for you with it.Its flavor notes are rose, Amber, grapefruit and mint giving out an extraordinary and motivating smell.

Creed Cologne

Explore the Creed Cologne details evenly.

Creed cologne
Figure: Creed cologne

Creed Cologne: With regards to custom, extravagance, and life span, Creed fragrance is in a class without anyone else . Established in 1760 as a London customizing foundation giving scented gloves, appointed aromas, and custom-made garments to the English court, the House of Creed is the world’s just private extravagance aroma organization. From the earliest starting point, the manifestations of the House of Creed were perceived for their quality, refinement, and inventiveness, rapidly turning into a most loved with the English court and Queen Victoria. In 1854, under Empress Eugénie of France, the House of Creed moved to Paris, and it soon rose to universal notoriety. The organization, went from father to child, is as of now under a 6th era expert perfumer and maker of the advanced Creed scent Himalaya.

Ideology keeps on taking into account those of recognizing taste into the cutting edge time. With an overall customer base that incorporates sovereignty and commanders of industry, Creed scents and colognes remain an image of status and riches. With aromas extending from the woodsy top notes of Green Irish Tweed to the sweet citrus accords of Virgin Island Water, Creed scents are intended to spellbind and lure.

Not to be beaten, the House of Creed offers a few aromas for ladies also, including the re-discharged Fleurs de Bulgarie, in view of the nineteenth century form made solely for Queen Victoria.
Fragrances, for example, the cool, new verbena of Royal Water and the intriguing Bulgarian rose of Jasmine Imperative Eugenie showcase the differing qualities of aromas accessible from the House of Creed.

Tom Ford cologne

Explore the Tom Ford cologne details evenly.

Tom Ford cologne
Tom Ford cologne

Now today, Thomas Carlyle Ford is well known , as Tom Ford, he is a great American fashion designer and film director. Initially trained as an architect in a famous design school. He was working as a trainees in a fashion house named Chloe and developed for long time. At first prepared as a draftsman at Parsons School of Design, Ford put in a year working abroad at an entry level position for style house Chloe and built up a vibe for the design business. Planner Tom Ford has 57 aromas.

Designer Tom Ford has 51 cologne maker in their aroma industry . The earliest edition was created in the year of 2006 then the latest is in the year of 2015. Tom Ford fragrances were prepare in collaboration with Cologne maker Givaudan, David Apel and Harry Fremont and many more.

Acqua Di GIO by Giorgio Armani

Explore the Acqua Di GIO byGiorgio Armani details wisely.

Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani
Figure: Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

The Number 1 most popular brand for men is acqua Di GIO by GIORGIO ARMANI. The fragrance has extremely convoluted base including the feeling of oceans, the sun and the earth a cool wind.
Being masculine, it likewise offers the exceptional concentrates of herbs and organic products which add genuine excellence to its aroma and the most formal, yet basic however marvelous cologne, make it the best cologne for men.
So this Acqua Di Gio is, after all, got the first spot in the rundown of popular brands of cologne for Men.

  • Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces [Check Price or Read More]
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Men Eau-de-toilette, 3.4-Fluid Ounce [Check Price or Read More]
  • Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, 1.7 Ounce [Check Price or Read More]
  • Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani for women Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.4 Ounces [Check Price or Read More]
  • Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men Edt Spray 3.4 Oz & Alcohol Free Deodorant Stick 2.6 Oz [Check Price or Read More]
  • Acqua Di Gio Impression By QualityFragranceOils (4oz) for Men [Check Price or Read More]
  • Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum Spray for Women, 1.70-Ounce [Check Price or Read More]

Hot Water by DavidOFF

Explore the Hot Water by DavidOFF details wisely.

Hot Water By Davidoff
Figure: Hot Water By Davidoff

The Hot Water by DavidOFF is additionally decent Cologne for men who have the exotic touch depicted for the most part as the hot, energy with scents and extreme manliness.
The attractive scent and aroma of David off fragrance makes it to wind up the second Best Cologne for Men. Hot water is the ideal decision for men; it’s somewhat costly however I do surmise that men are not going to trade off on the scent they utilize. The base incorporates red basil, pimento and sty ax.

  • Zino Davidoff Hot Water By Zino Davidoff For Men Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.7-Ounce / 110 Ml [Check Price or Read More]
  • Hot Water By Davidoff Eau De Toilette Spray 3.7 Oz For Men [Check Price or Read More]

Ungaro III

Explore the Ungaro III cologne details wisely.

Ungaro III
Figure: Ungaro III cologne

Ungaro III is hot and magnificent Cologne with not too bad standpoint and is generally utilized for night wears. Men are prescribed to wear them at gathering evenings to boom the identity as it has woody smell and draw in individuals .Emanuel Ungaro is likewise a well-known US marked organization and they have been giving individuals these Colognes to make an awesome add to one’s identity.

Peter Thomas Roth

Explore the Peter Thomas Roth cologne details wisely.

Peter Thomas Roth
Figure: Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roth is depicted as the hottest, fiery with present day scenes and advanced fragrances with rich fabulousness for men. Peter Thomas Roth Cologne can be both utilized by men and ladies just as and individuals love utilizing it. Also it’s not all that costly and everybody can without much of a stretch bear the cost of this illustrious sort looking fragrance. Aside from its ubiquity, i for one don’t care for the scent of this Cologne that much.

Johan Varvatos

Explore the Johan Varvatos cologne details wisely.

John Varvatos cologne
Figure: John Varvatos cologne

John Varvatos Cologne by John Varvatos, neoteric, advanced and lavish, john varatos was made in 2004 by the configuration place of john varvatos. A charming oriental, woody fragrance for men, this manly aroma has a mix of tamarind leaves, herbs, zest, woods and calfskin. John varvatos is suggested for a sentimental night.

Curve Cologne

Explore the Curve Cologne details wisely.

Curve  cologne
Figure: Curve cologne

Curve cologne by Liz Claiborne blends the aromas of new greens, warm wind, and pepper, completing with tones of mahogany and water. This extraordinary scent for men is ideal for daytime use, conveying a touch of the outside to your exercises. Presented in 1996, Curve permits you to investigate your internal nature sweetheart. Apply this cologne on your skin in the morning before you head into the workplace or out for a shopping campaign and appreciate a surge of certainty and energy.

Cool Water

Explore the Cool Water cologne details wisely.

Cool Water Cologne
Figure: Cool Water Cologne

Cool Water is crisp and sharp, straightforward and extremely manly. Top notes incorporate mint and green subtleties, rosemary, coriander, and lavender. The middle notes organize geranium, Neola, jasmine, and sandalwood. The base is made out of cedar wood, musk, golden and tobacco. It was made by Davidoff in 1988.

Issey Miyake

Explore the Issey Miyake cologne details wisely.

Issey Miyake Cologne
Figure: Issey Miyake Cologne

Issey Miyake Cologne by Issey Miyake, presented by the outline place of issey miyake in the year of 1994, Issey Miyake is delegated a refined, oceanic scent . This manly fragrance has a mix of citron and flavor joined with slight features of musk, golden amber and woods. It is prescribed for night wear.


Explore the Obsession cologne details wisely.

Figure: OBSESSION Cologne

Obsession by Calvin Klein was initially presented in the business sector in 1986 and was perceived as a one of kind cologne for men for its woody sort of aroma and with an oriental touch of smell. This cologne for men has a mix of golden and lavender and is for the most part utilized for office utilize and meeting place areas. As we all know about the immense results of Calvin Klein, without a doubt we expect the best from them and subsequently, this is the best cologne from them.

Usher Cologne

Explore the Usher Cologne details wisely.

Usher Cologne
Figure: Usher Cologne

Usher Cologne For Men by Usher. As refined as the performer, Usher for Men is a fragrance that is certain to order the consideration of anybody you experience. Made by Usher in 2008, this scent consolidates new ocean water with sweet, fruity notes and straight leaves, enchanting sandalwood and fiery nutmeg. Its fragrance fresh; intense and arousing, making it ideal for night wears. Spot it on when planning for a sentimental date or going to a formal occasion. A little sum will last all through the night.

Tips and Best methods of Using Cologne

There are some important and useful methods to using cologne. If you are really a smart person and always like to be tip top, then you can follow our tips. If are not following the properly, it may cause grave damage of your skin, health and personality also. These methods also help you to beneficial to use cologne.

  1. Find perfect cologne for yourself. Don’t wear something; go for that your real love.
  2. Try to maintain daytime and nighttime cologne. If you are simple going to work use daytime fragrance and use nighttime cologne when you are set a date or a dinner party.
  3. Take a hot shower before wear cologne because clean and warm skin absorbs cologne very nicely.
  4. Make sure your skin is dry after taking a bath so that cologne sticks properly on your skin.
  5. Apply the cologne 4 to 5 inches away from your body.
  6. Make sure not to get too much cologne on your body, otherwise, the extra alcohol may be harmful to your health.
  7. Apply a small amount of fragrance on your ears and neckline it will attract opposite sex.
  8. Even the best cologne do not long last, you can reapply every after 3 hrs for better output.
  9. Use alcohol wipe if you think that there are too much cologne on your skin.
  10. Give up and just through it when the expiration date is over.
  11. You might become bored with same fragrance, so that try to another one sometimes.
  12. Take variation of colognes on different occasions.
  13. Don’t apply cologne on your cloths; it will bring a stain on your dress.


  • Direct sunlight makes your cologne die out faster so don’t leave your bottle of cologne in sunlight.
  • If you keep your cologne in a fridge, it will last two to three weeks longer.
  • Don’t through cologne bottle after use. If you do this, it might crack.
  • Keep your cologne with coverage, its fragrance will flow less.
  • Don’t try to remove or replace its nozzle.
  • Keep it in cool places.
  • Keep it away from the fire.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Don’t apply inflamed or broken skin.

Bottom Impression

I think you understand that best cologne is great factor for the applicable personality. We hope that you will able to find best one for you, so that you can save your money to avoid bad cologne and will physically beneficial to get best perfume.

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